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Scott Hanstrom grew up in Denver, Colorado. As a child he was an avid water sports enthusiast. His parents owned a boat and motor home and put Scott in charge of the maintenance and care. Being raised in a cold climate there were always special challenges to maintaining boats, RV’s and motor homes. Scott learned over the years to take the best care of these very large toys and save money while doing it! Scott lives in Dallas, Texas now and has worked hard to have his own boat. He continues to maintain and care of his boat. Scott started with the BOAT WINTERIZER JEANIE, creating a patented system for winterizing your boat in 3 short minutes. With the environment and your expenses in mind, Scott has researched other uses for the Boat Jeanie, including fresh water and salt water flushing. That got us the New OCEAN FLUSH JEANIE! Using the tested and approved solutions he recommends you can keep your boat in tip top condition and not spread deadly contaminates from lake to lake or destroy your boat with salt corrosion. Read through our website to learn why winterizing and flushing your boat is a “must do” job each year, and how you can save tons of money, time and stress by using the BOAT JEANIE brand throughout the year!

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The PORTABLE BOAT JEANIE is made in the USA from my own tried and true design. It’s easy and inexpensive. Anyone can use this product! Just follow the simple instructions and you can be sure your boat will be in it’s best condition year after year. The PORTABLE BOAT JEANIE when used with the proper solutions is also an environmentally green product. Check our SUPPORT and BOAT CARE pages for more information on what I recommend you use. Please bookmark my website and tell your friends. I plan on having more products available in the near future!
Scott Hanstrom Owner, Hanstrom Research & Development, LLC

Made in the USA!