Boat Jeanie Boat Winterizer


  • 1. Why winterize your boat engine?
    In cold climate states where the temperature drops below freezing the water in the boat engine will freeze and there is no room for the water to expand. This effect causes the boat motor block to crack leaving you needing a new engine.
  • 2. What kind of engine can I use the BOAT WINTERIZER JEANIE on?
    It’s designed for any boat that has a car engine excluding diesel engines.
  • 3. What kind of antifreeze do i use?
    The BOAT WINTERIZER JEANIE is designed for all types of antifreeze but we highly recommend that you use RV antifreeze that will not hurt our environment or pets and is much cheaper than automobile antifreeze.
  • 4. How much antifreeze do I use?
    You need to use at least two gallons of antifreeze.
  • 5. How much time does it take to winterize the boat?
    If the Boatwinterizer Jeanie is hooked up correctly it should take no longer than three minutes.
  • 1. Why flush your boat engine year round?
    To keep your engine free of debris, salt and invasive organisms saving money and time.
  • 2. Can you flush inboard and outboard motors?
    Yes. Choose the correct flusher before checkout to ensure you receive the one you will need. Boat Jeanie can be used with any universal flusher.
  • 3. What solutions should I use with salt water?
    The solutions we recommend for saltwater flushing is Salt-Away®. We DO NOT recommend you use vinegar, sulfuric acid or dish soap or other solutions. Although these might remove salt, they do not protect your engine from salt corrosion and may cause corrosion themselves.

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The PORTABLE BOAT JEANIE is made in the USA from my own tried and true design. It’s easy and inexpensive. Anyone can use this product! Just follow the simple instructions and you can be sure your boat will be in it’s best condition year after year. The PORTABLE BOAT JEANIE when used with the proper solutions is also an environmentally green product. Check our SUPPORT and BOAT CARE pages for more information on what I recommend you use. Please bookmark my website and tell your friends. I plan on having more products available in the near future!
Scott Hanstrom Owner, Hanstrom Research & Development, LLC

Made in the USA!