Boat Jeanie Boat Winterizer

Pick Inboard or Inboard/Outboard

Winterizer System

• Use the Boat Winterizer Jeanie to yearly preserve your boats engine.
• FLUSH YOUR ENGINE COOLING SYSTEM TO: Drain and replace old engine water with environmentally safe antifreeze for the winter!

Salt Water Engine Flush System

• The Ocean Flush Jeanie Includes Salt-Away® SALT WATER FLUSH SOLUTION.
• Dissolve salt, prevent rust and corrosion and remove accumulated salt in your engine!

Anytime Engine Flush System

• Use either Portable Boat Jeanie System to flush, De-scale and remove water, debris and invasives from your engine every trip to the water!


The PORTABLE BOAT JEANIE is made in the USA from my own tried and true design. It’s easy and inexpensive. Anyone can use this product! Just follow the simple instructions and you can be sure your boat will be in it’s best condition year after year. The PORTABLE BOAT JEANIE when used with the proper solutions is also an environmentally green product. Check our SUPPORT and BOAT CARE pages for more information on what I recommend you use. Please bookmark my website and tell your friends. I plan on having more products available in the near future!
Scott Hanstrom Owner, Hanstrom Research & Development, LLC

Made in the USA!