Boat Jeanie Boat Winterizer

Why Flush Your Boat?

Salt can destroy your boat within 3 years. Anything metal on your boat is in danger of salt build-up and damage.

  • Salt builds up inside the water cooling system and can lead to overheating if not flushed regularly.
  • Flushing the salt water from your boat engine, outer metal parts and windows is an absolute must to avoid high repair costs or permanent damage. Salt can cause damage to window glass as well as metal.
  • It should be routine to flush your engine and spray off your boat regularly with fresh water to rinse off the salt.
  • When you use your boat regularly in salt water you also need to chemically treat it for the best results.

If you are usually in the ocean or salt water, flush your boat engine with the Ocean Flush Boat Jeanie with Salt-Away.®

We include and recommend:

Save time and money!

You can use Boat Winterizer Jeanie to winterize your boat’s engine in 3 minutes.

      • Anyone can use Boat Jeanie! Just follow the simple instructions and you can be sure your boat will be in it’s best condition year after year.
      • Boat Jeanie replaces the water in the cooling system with antifreeze* to protect your investment through the winter.
      • Ice can crack your engine and cause thousands of dollars in damage. Most insurance companies consider it a lack of maintenance and will not cover this type of damage.
      • Don’t get stuck with no boat and a huge bill this spring!

    *The solution we recommend for winterizing your boat is RV or Marine Antifreeze. Either can be found at most boat or marine shops, convenience stores or discount stores. Available in many different sizes and brands.

We do not sell antifreeze at this point due to the increased shipping cost we would have to pass on to our customers. We DO NOT recommend you use regular automobile antifreeze, it is extremely toxic to children and pets and bad for the environment.

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